Bike rental in Sikkim and Bike rental in Darjeeling for Bike Tour
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Bike rental in Darjeeling and Sikkim for adventurous Bike Ride

Over these years, we succeeded in becoming the most consistent company in bike rental in Darjeeling. We are doing an honest business and in that mean time, we bridge gaps with our travelers with faiths and culture. For bike rental in Sikkim, you need to remember that travel is about experience; this is the experience about being involved with a place and its people and after that it brings you closer to their cultures, cuisines, traditions, natural beauty and change. Our journeys are created in a way that by discovering new places with us you can unwind yourself too. Once you will arrive to your destination you will be escorted by our finest local guides who share our passion and values.

As a cost effective measures for bike rental in Sikkim we mainly focus on our guest service rather than mass advertising. Because we believe that the more you build satisfied customer; the more you will get good words for you, and it’s the way we do our business, and it is working for us too well.

A fascinating road trip through the way of Darjeeling

The Crown of West Bengal or Darjeeling is considered to be the heaven for many. You can experience the serenity in the magnificent beauty of the Himalayas, in the green tea estates which encompass the whole Darjeeling. Darjeeling is always been the perfect blend of amazing climatic conditions or the different cultures, the best of all about this place is the treasured view of snow-clad Mt. Kanchenjunga that appeases every tourist’s eyes. For the travel enthusiasts or for the adventure activists Darjeeling tops the list of tour spots always. Now the point of concern is in which ways you should map the flowchart of movements and activities to enjoy this beautiful piece of nature.

The good news is; we the are the renowned and trusted company in Darjeeling offering bike on hire in Darjeeling who has come up as the savior by satisfying their customers’ desired needs. Apart from this, we are specialized in a every category of service, For example, bike on hire in Darjeeling expertise in adventure tourism that includes trekking, hiking, mountaineering, white water rafting etc, on the other hand we also provide facilities sightseeing, travel guidance, vehicle rental services and much more.

Places to visit which has an absolute combination of spirituality and nature :

Each of the members of bike on rent in Darjeeling is endeavoring to share that level of passion with you. The team of Cart your trip offering bike on rent in Darjeeling will work with you to help you to design one unforgettable and memorable experience, whether you are a tough traveler, a beginner, or searching for some downtime. Safety and attention to detail are the foremost priority. At daily rental costs we offer the best quality equipments and gears. We also provide our riders have a fully stocked medical kit for all time.

  • Our company offering Bike on rent in Darjeeling does not source bikes from other vendors.
  • All their well-maintained bikes which maximum three years old are provided by them.
  • All bikes have carriers to make you comfortable and keep your luggage organized on your journey.
  • Extra container to keep extra fuel for emergencies
  • Most importantly a mobile charger which keeps you connected to the world.
  • If you are not sure to ride in hilly roads then you can also appoint professional driver.
  • With a minimum price (non-refundable) a third party insurance coverage would be provided to the riders by the company.

Meet with fascinating but pocket-friendly bike tour packages

The team of Cart your trip offering Bike rental in Sikkim welcomes you to the Paradise to explore the amazing beauty of nature in Sikkim. We aspire to make hassle free and incomparable ride stories of the wonderland of snow capped Himalayas. With years of establishment and experience in tourism industry we provide our clients high end quality services for their trip and match their requirements for a meaningful journey. We offer quick and reliable service in affordable budget which makes our clients easy to travel with us. For bike on hire in Sikkim we have trained and experienced people staffed in our company to have an amazing trip for our clients to the serene beauty of Himalayas. We provide our clients best deals and packages and travel solutions. We have theme based tours for our client to choose according to their requirements.

Reasons to make your Darjeeling Sikkim trip with Cart Your Trip:

It has been many years since we have been offering bike on rent in Sikkim. We are operating tours in Sikkim, Darjeeling. When someone plans a tour they do it with excitement and with courage, we are here to greet your courage with our inherent belief. Here are some of the reasons why we are best in this field. Each and every village, a scenic spot that everyone will love, which curves comes next on the road, some off the beaten trails, our guides know everything. We are innovative, and experienced and to suit your own personal tastes and preferences; we offer advice and designing itineraries You are free to pick any group journeys, or also you can choose from one of our popular itineraries. Whichever companies you choose for bike on rent in Sikkim we are here to welcome you whole heartedly. We are here to show you the best opportunity to experience the magic of area, the local culture, excitement, and the splendor.

  • Always respects people’s privacy, do not interfere into their personal affair.
  • While visiting religious places Dress modestly.
  • It will be helpful for you to travel with a local guide.
  • While trekking, always follow the designed path.
  • Do not litter in the forested areas.
  • Travelers are advised to carry ID cards and passports all the time.
  • Do not throw waste here and there.
  • In sacred sites you are restricted to Smoke or drink.
  • You are not allowed to scribble in any trees, rocks or buildings.

Sikkim is a land filled with utmost beauty; all the high-flying mountains, exciting rivers, ancient monasteries, rich wildlife, beautiful temples and hospitable people can easily compel you to must visit this fairytale land. However, in order not to interrupt the peaceful life Sikkim also has a certain set of rules that one must follow.


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